Why You Should Never Date a Cam Girl

Let’s be honest: cam girls are this generation’s version of strippers. They aren’t swinging off a pole at a strip club, but they essentially do the same thing. They take off their clothes for you in exchange for money and tips, they just do it from behind the safety of a screen and you’re able to view them from the same vantage point. There’s a certain appeal behind being able to brag to your friends that you’re dating a stripper, but overall the cons far outweighs the pros. There are a lot of hurdles you have to leap over when you’re dating a cam girl and they’re rarely worth all the risks.

You Have to Deal with Jealousy

The biggest issue is always going to be jealousy. Her job requires that she take off her clothes and perform a variety of sexual acts for strange men day in and day out. This means a lot of things for you as her boyfriend, including dealing with men that may get obsessed with her and start thinking of her as their girlfriend whether she agrees with them or not. You need to be prepared to deal with both the inappropriateness of the man’s behavior and with the fact that this kind of thing isn’t your girlfriend’s fault. It’s a byproduct of a job you knew she had to begin with, and if you can’t handle that it’s best not to jump into dating her in the first place. It also means you’ll have to deal with other men leering at her in public when they find out what she does, a topic that’s likely to come up in just about every social gathering you can think up.

She Makes More Money than You

It’s a fact that most web cam girls pull in more a month than the average corporate attorney, meaning that there’s a very good chance that she makes more money than you. Some men may not see this as a problem; after all, that means she’s self-reliant and won’t be expecting you to support her. But if you’re the kind of guy that has a problem with not being the financial kingpin in the relationship and knows it, best steer clear of dating someone who can pull in 2-5k a week tax free.

She Has an Unpredictable Schedule

Things happen. You get held up in traffic, your water line explodes, someone backs into your car – there are dozens of perfectly good reasons why something’s come up that requires that you reschedule a date or a planned vacation. It’s unfortunate, but it’s also a part of life. As frustrating as those cases are, when you’re dating a cam girl you need to plan on that happening a lot more frequently. They rely on the lucrative but somewhat unpredictable income that being a cam girl provides them, so if a high priced client books an appointment during your dinner date guess which one’s getting cancelled? Spoilers: it’s not the high priced client.


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