What to Do When a Cam Girl is Taking Your Private Show In a Direction You Don’t Like

If you’re unfamiliar with cam sites past simply going to a free show and clicking play, you may not know what private cam shows are. Popular in members only and paid-for cam circles, private shows are a way to pay extra to see a cam girl all by yourself. These usually cost more money than just watching a regular stream, but the quality and attention make the extra cash worth it. Your cam girl will pay attention to you and only you for an allotted amount of time. Most high quality cam sites actually factor in shows when creating work schedules; they’re truly that popular. If you decide that a show is for you, you’ll need to know private cam show etiquette. The same general rules of behavior as in a normal show apply, but you do have the freedom to be more talkative and request more sexual favors. After all, she’s being paid to pay attention to you and you deserve to get your money’s worth. However, cam girls need to also understand private show etiquette as well. While they aren’t obligated to listen to ever extreme kink you request, they are supposed to know that a private cam show isn’t the same thing as performing a one woman…

Three Reasons Why Foreign Cam Models Might Be a Better Choice for You

While nobody is arguing that cam sites are one of the best Internet related inventions ever, there are some drawbacks. Foremost is the fact that in order to see naked lady bodies you need to fork over some cash. And if you want to see those naked lady bodies for an extended period of time, you’d better be willing to fork over a lot of cash. There are other issues as well. Some cam models are so popular that you may have to book ahead to get a session with them. Additionally, popular cam girls make enough in a few hours to warrant taking most of the day off, which means they may be unavailable when you want a show. If you’d like to find a way around these issues, it’s not a bad idea to check out the foreign models on your cam site of choice. More Available It’s unfortunate, but the ladies who speak English are going to be more in demand than the ladies who speak broken English. This doesn’t mean that they’re any less attractive or good at what they do; in fact, most of them are so sexy that it will blow your mind and they’re very good at what they do. However, it does…

Cam Girl 101: Etiquette For Your First Cam Session

The last thing you want out of your first cam session is to be kicked out a room, blocked, or laughed at by a group of guys who can clearly pick you out as a newbie. If you’re about to go into your first cam session there are a few things you need to know before you get started to keep the worst from happening. Know How and When To Tip Tipping is an important part of sex cam work as it is in the world of dining. Cam girls often live on and expect tips, though that’s not to say they won’t give tit for tat. There’s an unspoken system set up in the world of sex cams where it’s understood that you’ll tip a certain amount to get private sessions, extra cam time or have a special request fulfilled that your girl may have ordinarily chosen to pass on. A great way to gauge if it’s appropriate to donate or how much you should give is to check and see if your cam girl has a donation goal posted. If they do you may be able to see what size previous donations have been so you can match those. While it may be tempting to donate enough to…

3 Major Malfunctions the Wrong Cam Site Could Cause For You

Everyone and their uncle seems to want your business on the web these days. Cam sites are no different. They’re a dime a dozen, and they’re all competing hard with each other for your attention and your dollars. That means that you’ve got to take extra special care in selecting which site you’re going to use full time. You don’t want to get stuck with a low quality cam site that makes your whole life frustrating. If you aren’t careful, you could run into a ton of issues with functionality too. However, you might not be convinced that it’s not a good idea to just rush out and find the first cam site that works for you. To help you understand why you need to take it slow, we’re going to educate you on a few of the different problems that can crop up if you’re not cautious. These issues could seriously impact your ability to enjoy all the naked women you want, so listen up! Here’s what you have to know. You Could Accidentally End Up Getting a Virus The scummiest, lowest quality cam sites are the ones where you face the most risk. That’s because you could end up getting a computer virus from one of them. Think…


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