How to Protect Yourself When Your Cam Girl Relationship Transcends the Cam Site

Most guys log onto a cam site hoping for some X-rated action. Most guys don’t expect to find that they have a lot in common with their preferred cam girl, or to start thinking of them as relationship material. This isn’t to say it’s something that happens a lot, but it does happen. There are instances where cam girls have met up with a client and a relationship has formed, but it’s rare. If you find that you’ve got feeling for your favorite cam girl (aside from those that give you an erection) and you’re pretty sure she’s got those same feelings for you, you’ve probably already thought about taking things to the next level, which is to say you want to take it away from the cam site. However, before you go that far, you really need to know how to protect yourself in the even that things go horribly wrong. Don’t Spill Everything Up Front Even if what you feel for her feels genuine (and you’re certain that what she feels for you is also genuine), you need to protect yourself. Remember, you met her on the Internet. Yes, you’ve seen her naked a hundred different times but so have probably a hundred different guys. You need to…

How to Introduce Your New Boyfriend to Cam Sites

Whether you’re a woman in a straight relationship or a man in a gay one, you know that your bedroom life can always be turned up a notch. You may be suffering from a sexual drought, or maybe your sex life is already pretty rowdy but could use some extra fire power. Either way, in any scenario, introducing cam sites into your bedroom routine couldn’t hurt, and it should at least be worth a try. Most men are eager to jump at the chance to try out something new and sexy, but not ever member of the male gender follows this stereotype. If you think your man won’t be too keen on the idea at first, learn how to approach the subject with a gentle hand so he’s more apt to say yes and enjoy himself. Talking to Him Before you do anything else, prepare yourself to talk about enjoying the activity together. Your boyfriend will appreciate the effort you put into asking him about his sexual preferences and whether or not he’d actually be into watching cam streams together. However, don’t immediately blurt out your request. Lead into the question. Unless your partner won’t take the hint, bringing up the topic in such a way will give them the…

Best Categories of Cam Girls to Look For

One of the biggest advantages of watching cam sites to begin with is the fact that there’s so much variety when it comes to the different types of girls you can watch perform. However, sometimes having too much freedom and too many choices can wind up being daunting instead of helpful. You may find yourself becoming slightly overwhelmed when you try to decide what type of category of cam girl you want to look for. What type of cam girl is the best to look for? This is definitely something you’re going to want to be able to understand so that you can have the best quality experience as possible. There are certain types of cam girls that are better than others, and these are definitely the types you’re going to want to look for. If you are going to start using cam sites on a regular basis, here’s everything you need to know about the best categories of cam girls you should be looking for. Amateur Cam Girls Believe it or not, amateur cam girls can be one of the very best categories of cam girls for you to look at. Amateur cam girls have a ton of advantages. There are less experienced, which means that you should be…

3 Tired Old Complaints No Cam Girl Wants to Hear

Hitting on women might not be your strong suit, which is why you’ve lately given up on trying to meet ladies in the “real world.” If you have decided that you’re better off enjoying yourself in the digital realm with the sexy charms of cam girls, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, you’ve made the best choice for yourself possible. However, you’re still going to need to think about the way that you interact with the models. You don’t just want to silently tip them all of the time. You’ll want to chat! That means you might try to throw out some compliments from time to time. You might even do it in the hopes of getting something for free. If that’s the case, take heed. You need to be careful about what you say. No cam girl wants to hear you babble the same old compliments she’s heard a million times before. You need to be more original than that. In this article, we’re going to take a quick look at what you need to avoid saying if you want to be successful. Don’t Tell Her It’s Taking Too Long to Undress Some models use their shows as a primary source of income. Keep that in mind. That…

3 Reasons Why You Should Be Visiting Amateur Cam Girls

When you’re looking around for a good cam site to visit the number of options you have to choose from can be overwhelming. The first thing you should try to do is decide what categories of women you’re keeping an eye out for, and one of the most basic categories to start out with is whether you want to go with an amateur cam girl or a professional cam girl. It’s easy to see how a guy might think that a professional girl is the way to go, but there are plenty of perks to signing on with an amateur cam site. Before you decide to go pro, check out some of the benefits you can only get from an amateur performer. Lower Cost One of the benefits to being an experienced cam girl is that they’ll have a better reputation and an established client base already. This means they’re in a position to raise their prices – their services are in demand and more men are willing to pay a higher premium for a chance at a spot on their calendar. When you pick out an amateur cam girl you know she hasn’t had a chance to build up a client base yet. The combination of not being as…

3 Nerdy Kinks Your Cam Girl Will be Totally Into

Say that you’re a guy who is into culture that’s more countered than not. You like things that maybe not every other guy likes. You’d prefer to sit at home and read up on behinds the scenes details on the set of The Walking Dead or want to be the first to see the trailer for the biggest upcoming fall anime. Men like you have sexual needs just like anyone else, and sometimes these needs are tied into your hobbies. Do you have any hope of finding a cam girl who will indulge in your nerdy fantasies? Your girl may not be as fanatical as you, but that doesn’t mean she can’t help you have your own kind of geeky fun. It’s actually easier to incorporate your passions into your online sexual life than you think. Cosplaying Any true nerd knows what cosplaying is, but some of those greener fans of all things geeky may not be completely familiar. Cosplaying is the act of dressing up as a character from a piece of media, be it a hit television show or cartoon. Cosplay is usually a hobby enjoyed without sexual connotations, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be spicy. Many cosplayers do enjoy incorporating their cosplaying into their bedroom activities,…


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