Questions and Comments That Will Immediately Irritate Your Cam Girl

Whether you’ve been using cam sites for years or it’s your very first time, it’s always important to know the proper etiquette of using a sex cam site. Every cam girl is different, and every girl might respond differently to different things. However, there are a few common questions and comments that are certain to get your cam girl irritated and will lead to an awkward cam session, or one that gets cut off before it can even begin. Listed because are a few questions and comments that you should avoid unless you want to tick off your cam girl.

Asking a Cam Girl if She Has “Daddy Issues”

One of the most common misconceptions about female sex workers is that all of them had horrible childhoods that caused them to have “daddy issues”. However, this is far from being the case. Whether or not a cam girl has family issues or not, it’s never something that a client should be questioning them about. A cam girl’s personal life is none of their business, and if there’s anything she wants a client to know, she will tell them on her own time. If a person goes into a cam session and asks this dreaded question, they will very likely get shut down immediately. Not only will they have royally irritated their cam girl, but she like very likely end the cam session early and not allow them to return. No cam girl or sex worker wants to be accused of having “daddy issues” or other family issues. No matter what a man suspects of his cam girl, it’s probably best that he just keeps it to himself. Let the cam girl do her job and keep all topics light and friendly.

Constantly Making Comments That Degrade Her

One of the worst things a man can do during a cam session is to make comments that are blatantly insulting towards the cam girl. Most men don’t go into a cam session looking to insult their cam girl. If they do say something out of line, it’s usually because there was some kind of role play going on where dirty talk was going to be a big part of the cam session. However, if at any given point the cam girl is starting to feel uncomfortable with what is being said to her, then all dirty talk should be stopped immediately. Most of the time, cam girls will have a pretty thick skin and don’t mind whatever gets thrown their way. They have a lot of experience in the world of online sex and are well aware that different people get off to different things. But, whether it’s through uncomfortable dirty talk or just regular comments in a chat, a man should know better than to say something that will degrade the cam girl in a way that she isn’t comfortable with.

Telling Her How She Should Be Doing Her Job

If there is one thing a cam girl doesn’t want to hear during her shift, it’s how to do her job. This can be said for more workers anywhere, but it’s especially true for cam girls. Most of the time, cam girls are not inexperienced and have several years under their belt of doing cam shows. If a man thinks it’s a good idea to waltz on it and start telling a cam girl how she should really be doing things, then he’s probably going to get shut down real fast.


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