How to Protect Yourself When Your Cam Girl Relationship Transcends the Cam Site

Most guys log onto a cam site hoping for some X-rated action. Most guys don’t expect to find that they have a lot in common with their preferred cam girl, or to start thinking of them as relationship material. This isn’t to say it’s something that happens a lot, but it does happen. There are instances where cam girls have met up with a client and a relationship has formed, but it’s rare. If you find that you’ve got feeling for your favorite cam girl (aside from those that give you an erection) and you’re pretty sure she’s got those same feelings for you, you’ve probably already thought about taking things to the next level, which is to say you want to take it away from the cam site. However, before you go that far, you really need to know how to protect yourself in the even that things go horribly wrong.

Don’t Spill Everything Up Front

Even if what you feel for her feels genuine (and you’re certain that what she feels for you is also genuine), you need to protect yourself. Remember, you met her on the Internet. Yes, you’ve seen her naked a hundred different times but so have probably a hundred different guys. You need to be careful until you’re certain that the fledgling relationship you two have going on is in fact the real deal. This means that until you finally do arrange to meet up in person, you need to be very careful about divulging all your personal information. Keep things like your last name, phone number, and address to yourself. And DO NOT hand out your bank account or credit card information, no matter what she says or asks for. It’s safer to keep this kind of info to yourself until you’ve met up in person and you’re sure that the sparks you’ve been experiencing turn into actual chemistry.

Don’t Advertise the Fact

So you’ve met up with your fave cam girl and discovered that you two have actual feelings for each other that aren’t arousal based. Now you’re dating, but she still has to work. If you want this relationship to work you need to be sure you’re not rocking the boat which means the worst thing you could do would be to advertise all over the cam site that you’re dating her. Doing this also puts you at risk, because there are tons of jealous creeps out there that would love to do something harmful to you out of spite because you got the girl and they didn’t. Boasting in a cam site chat room that you’re dating a popular cam girl could lead to someone doxxing you, which means that they mine the Internet for all your personal information and then publish it somewhere public. Doxxing is usually done out of hatred or spite and can lead to other issues, such as swatting which is what happens when someone calls 911 and uses your personal information to inform the cops that you’re holding someone at gunpoint, which results in a SWAT team being sent to your home. Needless to say, you want to avoid this kind of fallout, so it’s best to keep quiet about the relationship.


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